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| The Truth About Multimedia on iDevices (iPhones, iPods, iPads)

Date: March 2011
by: Anthony R. Henderson

Apple media devices have become extremely popular nowadays, not least because of their versatility. All of them, be it iPhone, iPod, or iPad, have strong multimedia features including audio and video playback, allowing their users to enjoy favorite music and movies with comfort and good quality. These are the most called-for features of modern portable multimedia devices, and iDevices try to deliver them to the fulles. Even though iPhone's primary function is the phone function, it offers and delievers much more. iPhone fans eagerly luse their devices to enjoy music and watch various videos. And, of course, iPods and iPads perform respectively, each one in its own niche.

However, iDevices have 5 major drawbacks as multimedia devices. Here is a comprehensive list, with the recommendations on how to rid yourself of the annoyance:

iDevice's Top 5 multimedia annoyances
Many audio and video formats unsupported
iTunes are often crippled with DRM
iTunes syncing is slow
No optimization options for media file size / quality
Multimedia usage drains the battery

Luckily there is third party software, like Drm-Removal that solves these problems and even does more to streamline the multimedia experience on iDevices.

You can download the software here and follow along with the article to learn to perform your multimedia tasks:
Download Drm-Removal helper for iDevices

1. Support of all popular audio/video formats
Drm-Removal is compatible with all the most popular audio and video formats and can convert them for use on iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

2. Conversion of DRM protected files
Drm-Removal makes DRM protected files (protected video, Napster music, Audible audiobooks, etc.) work with Apple media device.

3. Syncing with iTunes
Files converted with Drm-Removal can be copied directlyto any iDevice for users' convenience.

4.Media files can be optimized base on size / quality settings
Multimedia can be optimized for personal preferences - either you want to experience maximum audio / video quality on your device or fit in the most files on the device's storage.

5. Multimedia optimization
Drm-Removal highly optimizes the output media files into native iDevice formats, so their playback imposes minimum battery loss.

Luckily for iDevices' users, all afore-mentioned problems can quite easily be solved with the help of appropriate multimedia software. Modern market offers a vast number of special programs able to convert audio and video files for iPhone, iPod, and iPad, remove DRM protection, and facilitate file transfer to iDevices.

When choosing such software, you need to take into account all your needs and preferences and find one which will meet them perfectly. DRM-Removal is a versatile and powerful tool which will easily perform all necessary tasks. With the help of this DRM removal and conversion software you will be able to make any video and audio files regardless of DRM protection compatible with your Apple device. It supports a wide range of both audio and video input file formats and converts them to iPod, iPhone, and iPad with high speed and perfect quality. This versatile solution will also efficiently remove DRM protection, if you decide to convert protected files.

Output files have no further restrictions and can be used freely. Additionally, with the help of DRM-Removal they can be syncronized with iTunes or even transferred directly to your favorite device. DRM-Removal will enable playback of any audio or video files on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad and will easily solve all related problems, allowing you to enjoy your favorite multimedia exactly the way you want.
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Download and try it for free!

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